5 Ways to Get a Crazy Core!

5 Ways to Get a Crazy Core!

Ready to get that six-pack you’ve always dreamed of? Stop fantasizing and start taking action with these core-busting exercises. You’ll not only end up with a toned tummy, you’ll prevent lower back pain, boost your flexibility and your confidence in the process!

Take it up a notch to fight the flab by pushing your abs to exhaustion. Just remember, it’s about quality not quantity here. Set a reasonable goal for reps, focus on alignment and form and watch the results come in! Here’s 5 ways to get you started on your journey towards a stronger core and a more powerful body.

1.     Bicycle Crunch

a.     Targets: Obliques, lower abs.

b.     Setup: Lie down with your hands behind your head, raise your legs and bend your knees to 90 degrees. Bring your right elbow to your left knee and then switch.

c.      Do:  2 sets of 60 second blasts. Hold for 2 counts on each side.

2.     Cross Crunch

a.     Targets: Lower abs, obliques and rectus abdominis.

b.     Setup: Lie down with arms and legs outstretched diagonally, so you create the letter “X.” Bring your right hand towards your left foot, lifting your head, neck and shoulders up. Switch sides.

c.      Do: 10 reps- 1 rep includes a crunch to both sides.

3.     Plank

a.     Targets: Lower abs, obliques, as well as arms, wrists and spine.

b.     Setup: Set your hands up shoulder-width apart on the ground, with wrists directly below shoulders. Bring your legs straight behind you, with heels lifted above the balls of your feet-- option to lift or drop your knees down. Keep your shoulders and hips in a long line. Engage your core and breathe!

c.      Do: 2-3 sets, holding each rep for 1 minute.

4.     Vertical Leg Raise

a.     Targets: Lower abs and obliques.

b.     Setup: Lie down on your back with your legs lifted vertically towards the ceiling. Press the back of your head, shoulder blades and hands into the ground for stabilizing support and engage your core. Lower your legs towards the ground and hold. Lift back up.  

c.      Do: 10-12 reps with a pause at the bottom of each one.

5.     Stability Ball Roll Out

a.     Targets: Rectus abdominis.

b.     Setup: Kneel on your mat with your hands on a stability ball, keeping your back straight and your abs engaged. Roll the ball away from you and then slowly come back to your starting point.

c.      Do: 2 sets of 10 reps.


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