4 Reasons why you aren’t building muscle and losing fat.

4 Reasons why you aren’t building muscle and losing fat.

If you are working out and eating a low-calorie diet but not seeing results, you might need to re-evaluate your approach.

Here are 3 steps to boost your progress

1.      Eat Carbohydrates

 You need adequate amount of carbohydrate intake at the right time, especially after an intense workout. Glucose is the main creation of muscular energy, which is the form of ATP. A failure to sustain glucose delivery to working muscles results is cessation of high intensity activity. Good carbohydrate sources are: legumes, grains, and starchy vegetables.[1]

2.      Prioritize interval training instead of cardio

If your goal is fat loss, your priority should be strength training with cardio as your second priority. Try switching between HIIT and steady state cardio to burn fat, and try different angles when you are lifting weights. This will target different muscles and avoid plateau.

3.      Don’t obsess over calories

If you are constantly counting calories, that means that you are not looking at your nutrient intake because the most nutritious foods do not come with a label. If we are eating too much processed food, your body will store more fat. The more toxins that come in, the more fat cells we need. We retain more and more fat cells that are really protecting our body from dangerous toxins.

4.      Sleep

One of the major problems with a lack of sleep is the increased cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone released in time of stress that can break body tissue so when you do not get enough sleep, cortisol levels are high to keep your body going, and it will impair fat loss.

Remember that exercise, stress, sleep, spirituality, and level of contentment with life are intricately connected to not just losing weight but maintaining a healthy weight for life.


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