Good Reasons to Eat in Season

Good Reasons to Eat in Season

By now, you probably know diet fads usually don’t work like they claim to. If they do work, they often leave you with an unfulfilling and unsustainable way of living. There is one food trend that holds a lot of merit, however, and it’s the diet that keeps on giving: eating in season. 

It’s not just about watching your carbs or cutting calories anymore, it’s about mindful, healthful consumption of food. It’s about thinking greener and eating greener, while keep more of your green in the bank. Here’s a deeper look at some of those awesome reasons to eat in season:


Have you noticed how there’s often specials on your favourite seasonal fruits and veggies at the grocery store?  It has to do, in part, with how abundantly produce grows in its proper season. It’s cheaper for farmers to produce, who sell the fresh stuff at a lower price to cash in on the seasonal gold rush. That means savings for you. If you’re lacking motivation to pick out your own seasonal foods, you can use easy and affordable delivery services like Organics Live


When produce grows in season, it’s given the chance to fully and naturally ripen- meaning it’s bursting with flavour. If you’re unsure of when to eat what, for where you are, go online and search up ‘eating seasonally’ in your province or state and you’ll find some helpful resources, like Foodland Ontario’s Availability Guide.  


Your fruits and veggies go from farm to table much faster when they’re grown in season, which equals much less travel time on the roads and a smaller carbon footprint. So, you’re getting fresher produce and helping the environment at the same time. You’ll know it’s all worth it after you make your first spinach salad with all fresh in-season ingredients. Pure green goodness. 


You give your body a boost by eating what’s in season in two major ways. As mentioned, seasonal fruits don’t endure as much travel as your run-of-the-mill produce, so they retain a lot of vital nutrients. Also, when you eat in season you avoid putting nasty pesticides and preservatives in your body, often used to keep out-of-season produce lasting longer and looking fresher. It’s a win-win all around.

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