5 Steps to a Healthy Gut and a Happy Life

Did you know that your bacterial cells within the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) outnumber the host’s cells by a factor of 10? These human digestive-tract associated microbes are referred to as the gut microbiome and they play a huge role when it comes to your health.

4 Ways to Beat Winter Depression.

Are you tired during the winter months or suffer from the winter blues? Does your motivation and energy disappear when the sun does? You could be suffering from Seasonal affective disorder but don’t worry, following these strategies will help you feel better and maybe love winter.

5 Tips to stop overeating at night

Are you the type of person who eats really well during the day but looses control at night? Many people find themselves eating late at night, even when they aren’t hungry but how can you change that behaviour? Here are 5 tips to stop overeating at night.

Are you eating damaged fats?

Fat is one of the body’s most basic building blocks. The average person is made up of between 15 and 30 percent fat, and we need fat and cholesterol for creating hormones, such as: sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone); adrenal hormones (cortisol that regulates metabolism); and steroid hormones and prostaglandins.; however, it is not only important that we choose the right kind of fat coming from whole foods but also that we don't damage these fats.