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One final Col...

Celebrating my last day evening in Valloire and my ascent of Col du Galibier, I ended up at a local Pizzeria where I enjoyed some Italian food (hard to eat when you’ve just been in Italy) and vin rouge with my dinner.

Up, down, Up, down, Up, down. c'est tout.

Tires inflated to the perfect amount for climbing/descending: check. Perfect mix of electrolyte powder in my bottles for 30C weather: check. My bike clean enough to lick: check. New bike kit so I “look” pro doing today’s ride: check. Ipod sync’d with optimal music for a quintessential 3 hour ride: check. Legs smoother than yours: check.


Moment of truth - inspired by vin rouge

I’ve put an enormous amount of pressure on myself to have this remarkable last ride before returning to Toronto. It got me thinking how we each set benchmark’s for ourselves from a very early age and spend a lifetime trying to live up to these expectations (we create) which may or may not be realistic or attainable.

Bici, vino and passion in Italy

Bolzano – Verona – Vicoforte Seems like a million years since I last blogged about my European adventure (which began July 14th ), although it’s only been 4 days. Interestingly, I accidentally pulled up the screen on my GPS which gave me all the stats since plugging it into my car in Frankfurt. I’ve spent 49 hours driving that wonderful Audi some 3400 km’s across Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy.

My last night in Munster was (again) a long one; again no sleep...Merde! Not sure what the deal is with Munster, even with beautiful and serene landscape, I just couldn’t seem to relax. With rain threatening my attempt at climbing the most challenging climb, Col du Platzerwasel previous days, as luck would have it, I rolled out of bed at 6:30am to find dry roads and cool fall-like temperatures (read COLD).

Munster – cont’d Well, yesterday it rained; rained hard. So much so that I’m quite sure if an ark had wheels that would have been my training instrument by choice. Not only did it rain it was also 10 degrees. I can’t say that I would expect 10 degrees in late July but that’s indeed what was going on over here... cold and rainy.

That bike's got a motor!

Sleepless last night, jet-lag got the better part of me – never mind how my legs felt this morning. However, with rain in the forecast tomorrow and Monday I had to take advantage of the sun-filled skies and ‘suck it up’.

ups and downs today

Bring on the climbing with a side of fear… After getting some much needed rest last night (and sleeping in until 9:24) I found my way down to breakfast where I gobbled down 3 scrambled eggs, some toast, fresh orange juice and a café con leche. My friend Oscar was arriving at 10 to ride so I needed to get ready fast…