All in active living

Changin’ it up… Funny thing happened today; I went out for a good hard 2 hour ride; ground myself into the usual pulp and then came home and decided to go for a run. Now I’m well aware that this has a name that triathletes like to call ‘brick’ training but as a pure road cyclist I’ve seen little value in doing anything other than riding my bike over the past few years. Maybe its fear of injury or fear of messing with efficiency on the bike however, maybe triathletes are onto something.

Cardiovascular exercise is great to ‘burn’ calories and improve your overall health by strengthening your heart and lungs. When performed alone, cardio exercise will provide a short boost for your metabolism and the benefits of improving your body’s ability to use oxygen more efficiently. When partnered together, weight training AND cardio will boost your metabolism far more than when done alone.